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Welp, I've been saying for about 5 years now that the primary reason why I can't work on Redemption (my post-DoC, VinLu-centric FF7 doujinshi that you should absolutely be reading if you know what any of those words mean :eager:) is because I need to prioritize school, so now that I'm out, I suppose I should spend some time working on it.

I dug out all my notes on the story the other night.  There are large sections that I have all scripted out, and others that I just have kind of loosely described like "this thing happens sometime here between this and this, and then maybe this happens to result in that," and other parts of the story that I just don't even know yet how they fit together.  That's kind of a problem, but then it's also good that I didn't just write the whole thing out years ago, because when I go through it every few months/years, I find parts that I cringe at and go, "Oh that's way too angsty/cheesy/whatever," and either reword or take out.  The problem with taking such a long time to work on any one project is that you necessarily change as a person in the time in between, and by the time you've gotten anywhere at all, the target has moved.  You want different things out of it.  I started writing this story in 2006 and I was angsty as fuck then.  And I mean, come on, it's a Vincent Valentine story.

Anyway, so I dug out the story notes the other night and read through it all, and I'm all laughing and crying and FEELING ALL THE FEELS. :lol:  And I'm like, "This is pathetic that I'm having an emotional reaction over my own story that I wrote.  This is basically literary masturbation."  Or literary self-BDSM, or something.  BUT.  It made me quite excited to get on with it and I can't wait to tie you up and hurt you with me. :meow:

If I still have any readers left, you may have noticed the update submitted late last night/early this morning.  I hope to keep submitting more of them.  I'm not tally free yet, as I may be out of school but still have to find a job and really need to be working on my portfolio and not FF7 fan fiction until I find one, but I did kind of promise you guys forever that I'd update more frequently when I'm out of school so I feel I should make good on that promise.  Maybe I can get a new page done every week or two.  I think that's a very reasonable goal.

Now, to the second point.  For some reason, DA likes to select the most random, non-related items from my entire gallery to display on the sidebar of my Redemption pages.  Things like homework from the photography class that I took in community college, and stamps and emoticons, and random stock/resources that I've uploaded, and drawings of role-playing characters from when I was a teenager.  And not only is that not the direction that I want to steer Redemption readers in while they're in the middle of reading Redemption, but it's also not really content I want to steer anyone to.  I don't mind it being there, but it's nothing I would opt to shine a spotlight on.  I'm not sure why DA thinks that all items in a gallery are of equal worth and that artists don't submit some things "just for the hell of it, in case someone out there wants to see it," and others that they actually want to share and promote, but it's quite frustrating.

I'm usually very against deleting deviations and/or adding them to storage, especially if someone has fav'ed them or if there are valid comments made on it, but I'm going to start cleaning my gallery a bit.  To strike a compromise with my personal values, I'm only going to delete work that has very few faves/comments on it.  Some I will simply move to my scrapbook.  And some of the photos that really serve no purpose but might be useful to someone, I will move to the stock images category on DA.  Unfortunately that probably means that DA will still randomly select them as suggestions for you to view while reading Redemption, but there will be fewer of them.

In the long run, I might start a group for Redemption if I get a consistent readership again and if DA permits that sort of thing.  That way, I can keep all of the Redemption content in one location that is separate from other content, but comments, views, and faves on the individual pages will be attributed to my account.  And I can fav work from other artists that is relevant to the story. :meow:  And maybe encourage discussions about the story or post conversations that I've had with people that are relevant to the characters in the story.  Also, you could just follow the group if you didn't want to follow the rest of my account.

However, I no longer have a Premium Membership, don't really want one, and I already admin three groups:

:icondirgeofcerberusclub: dirgeofcerberusclub 
:iconlucreciasglassprison: LucreciasGlassPrison 
:iconff7-theturks: FF7-TheTurks 

3 is the maximum number of groups that a non-PM may admin, and frankly I don't keep up with any of them anymore anyway because I just don't care enough.  I wish to let one of them go.  If anyone is interested in taking over one or more of these groups, please let me know.

If I do go ahead with creating a group for Redemption, it probably won't be for a few months, because a web comic is like a resilient plant.  When you stop watering it, it basically dies, but if you start taking care of it again it will come back to life.  It was healthy once, and I'm pretty sure it can be healthy again, but right now it needs a little water and TLC, which means me updating and promoting the hell out of it.

Read it.  Read, read, read!:

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